Asphalt Services

Crack Filling

Crack filling is recommended every year. It is inexpensive and helps prevent the water from widening the cracks and it getting under the driveway. In the winter any moister in a crack can freeze and cause more serious problems.


Patching holes in your driveway is one of the most important tasks. Holes can deepen and cause your driveway to crack if left unattended. We can solve a variety of patching problems.


Sealing your asphalt protects it and keeps it looking great. Your driveway should be sealed every other year in the Tahoe area.

The primary reason to seal your driveway is to create a "protective barrier" against destructive elements like sun and water.

Line Striping

We use high quality striping paints. We are able to provide handicapped parking symbols, numbers, and letters to meet your specifications.

Other Services

Snow Removal

This services is for people unable to remove their snow or part-time residents of the area. Our service is not to be confused with driveway snow removal. Please call 530-587-0470.

Snow Removal Services We Provide
  • Decks
  • Ice-dam
  • Roofs
  • Stairs
  • Pathways

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Shaffer Sealing licensed? Bonded? Insured?

Most definitely. It is California law to be licensed, bonded, and insured; so always ask the company when receiving a bid. Our CA State License Number is 857428.

Always be leery about using the guy offering the great deal out of his truck, because often times it is not. In this business you definitely get what you pay for, and cheaper isn't always better.

What kind of material do you use?

We use Overkote with 2% latex for maximum adhesion. Our crackfill preference is a low-tack product by Crafco which is used on freeways, main roads, and driveways.

What are the benefits of sealing my driveway?

Other than the nice, clean and black appearance; sealing your driveway will prolong its life expectancy.

Asphalt dries out over time due to heavy sun exposure in the Tahoe area. It also takes a beating in the winter due to the snow and ice.

Sealer will protect your asphalt from the sun, water, and oil therefore prolonging the life of your driveway.

Does my driveway need a second coat?

The only time you should get a second coat is if has not been sealed for a very long time (completely dried out and has a whitish gray look) or a newly paved driveway that has cured for at least a couple months

How often should I seal / crackfill my driveway?

Your driveway should be sealed every other year in the Tahoe area. It can be sealed every year but you should be careful not to do it too many years in a row because a layer will build on top of each other then crack.

Crackfilling is recommended every year because it is inexpensive and helps prevent the water from widening the cracks and it getting under the driveway.

What causes the sealer to flake?

Usually not washing the surface prior to sealing will cause flaking. Cold spots that ice up and water dripping off your roof can also cause this. Gas spills and oil leaks contribute as well.

How long do I need to stay off my new driveway?

Upon completion the asphalt will need at least 24hrs of sunlight. Meaning if you sealed it on a Monday you may drive on it Tuesday night. Longer is always better if you are able to. This same rule applies to sprinklers that when coming on hit the driveway. Also avoid turning tires in one spot, it will cause scuffing.

What can I do to help?

Move all objects off the driveway, cut back edges of the driveway, lock up any animals, turn off sprinkler systems, and spray weed killer in cracks that are growing weeds or grass.